Don’t get brokered, get TermSt.!

At TermSt., we believe that this business needs more fiduciaries and fewer brokers.


About TermSt.

TermSt. was founded as an alternative to the traditional mortgage broker. The TermSt. platform allows commercial real estate borrowers to develop a loan offering memorandum, solicit offers, negotiate and close loan directly with a lender of their choosing. It is “Do It Yourself” mortgage banking but with a huge assist from our technology.
Traditional mortgage brokers charge between 0.50% and 2% of the loan amount to create a marketing package, facilitate offers and assist in the closing of the loan. Additionally, these brokers receive kickbacks from the lenders they place the loan with which typically adds another 0.25% to their fees, but sometimes can be as much as 1-2%. Most times, their clients are not aware of these fees.
At TermSt., our fees are transparent. Our borrowers pay no direct fees to use our marketplace. When a loan closes, the lenders on the marketplace include a servicing strip in the loan dependent on the loan size. For any loan over $10 million, the servicing strip is equal to 5 basis points (0.05%). See our Fee Agreement here. The value of this servicing strip is approximately equal to 0.25% of the loan amount which is a substantial discount to the traditional brokerage fees of 10%. We guaranty in writing and our lenders disclose in your loan application the total amount of any fees paid.


Less than 30 minutes to submit a complete loan application. Loan proposals received in less than 7 days


Private, Controlled Marketplace Hosted on Amazon Servers.


Our Typical Borrower Saves $75,000 per transaction