“Better” Lender Relationships

One of our core principals at TermSt. is our fiduciary relationship with our Borrower clients.  Our marketplace has been built to place deals with the best lenders at the best terms.  Sometimes this conflicts with our desire to build really strong relationships with the lenders on the platform.  We expect our lenders to show up and compete hard to win deals on the platform.  Often, the result is an uncomfortable feeling for a lender when she is awarded a deal through the TermSt. Platform.  I’ve been there as a lender.  You compete hard for a deal and must go outside of your comfort zone to win. When you finally are awarded the deal, a sense of pain sets in at the small amount of profit left in the transaction. So as a lender, why do I want to participate in the TermSt. Marketplace?  Well the answer is simple.  TermSt. has the easiest process for lenders and we help you build better and stronger direct relationships with more customers.  Here is our commitment to our lenders:
  • You Own The Relationship. Throughout the process and after closing, you own the relationship.  You control the communication and messaging for every quote.    There is no on-going exclusive relationship between our lenders and TermSt. related to any of our borrowers.
  • Full Transparency. TermSt. does not have servicing or compensation arrangements with lenders so you will never see us directing a quote because we are compensated better by another lender.
  • Deal Vetting.  Every deal will be vetted by our team of real estate financing experts.  We will only send you deals that are in your wheelhouse.
  • Ease of Process. – Our entire process has been setup to make evaluation of deals, quoting, and negotiating as efficient as possible for Lenders and Borrowers.
  So yes, At TermSt. we ask our lenders to compete to win, but we also try to make your life easier and give you closer and stronger relationships directly with our borrowers.   If you are interested in learning more, send me a note at matt@termst.com and we will show you how to build your business through our platform.

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