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Our Fees

At TermSt., we strive to provide the best service for a fair fee on every transaction.  That means we get paid based upon the complexity and our level of involvement in your transaction.  The TermSt. Technology makes it easy for those borrowers that wish to work through the process with minimal assistance to engage with our lenders and get a loan closed at our base fee.  For those borrowers seeking more assistance or for more complex deals, our fees do increase. Regardless, we will confirm our fee with you prior to beginning work on your transaction so that there is never any confusion.   With some of our lenders, we may be able to build the fee into the loan.  So if it is important to you to minimize cash fees, we can work with you to arrange that as well. It is not unusual for our team to work with you prior to submitting a loan through the website, so feel free to reach out if you’d like some advice.  Send us a note by clicking here, or send an email to and we will jump on it.

Loan Amount

Base Fee


> $10 million

0.30% 1.0%

$7 million – < $10 million


$5 million – < $7 million


$3 million – < $5 million


$1 million – < $3 million


*Construction Loans and other complex transactions will typically incur the Full-Service Fee. Reach out to discuss at